You’re Not Too Much

Okay, maybe you’re a lot.

I know all about that, me and my endless particularities.

You’re not everyone’s cup of gelato, what else is new?

Fact: No one wants everyone.

Even the horniest horny goat is discerning enough not to hit on a chicken. (I hope.)

There’s what we find attractive and what we don’t, people we’re drawn to and those we’re indifferent about, places we fit into and uncomfortable spaces.

That’s the natural order of things and I’m grateful for it.

Can you picture wanting everything and anyone that drifts into your field of vision?

Show me a more frightening picture of insanity, I’ll wait.

When people don’t choose or gravitate toward you, never mind the reason, it’s alright.

It might sting but that’s really how it’s supposed to be.

You’ll appear to be too much for some people and, believe it or not, some will find you lacking.

In the same world, existing simultaneously.

Wild maybe, but that’s just life.

And right there in the mix of everything, you’re perfect for some people.

Not future you, the present you. This version of yourself, flaws and all.

In some quarters, you’re hot stuff. The shit. Extremely desirable. They’re dying for you.

The point: Don’t buy into the utter bullshit of toning things down, watering yourself down, or hiding parts of yourself just “so you don’t push people away.”

Those who will stay will stay.

Besides, if you’re okay with who you are, what the hell is ‘too much’?

It doesn’t exist.