Been There, Done That, Use Me.

Hi there,

This shouldn’t read like a cover letter because you came looking for me and not the other way round, right?

Doesn’t matter. The point is, we’re both here now.

Here’s everything you need to know before you seriously consider me for your project:

1. I’ve worked for about ten years in several content-related roles: content strategist, content manager, communications manager, copywriter, PR manager, the guy you call for ‘stuff’.

2. I’m famous for slaving away voluntarily at a few banks, an online magazine, a PR company, a music blog, an e-commerce company, a recruitment company and several gigs on the side. My LinkedIn tells the full story.

3. If you’re not interested in building something that’s human enough for people, I’m not your guy.

4. I’m anal, annoyingly anal, about content. It’s probably the most beautiful thing (other than Nutella and space travel) humankind can take credit for so you should understand why.

5. Which means I may politely disagree with you over your own project just to make it as great as it can be. Sorry, not really sorry in advance.

6. I’ve led a couple of creative teams, usually packed with willful graphic designers and crazy video editors who’d rather work all night and sleep all day (when they’re actually needed). I love them!

7. Even if you’re not sure what you need me for yet, at least have a conversation with me. One message to should kick things off nicely.

Thank you for showing up.