You’ll Know When You Find Your Space In Someone Else’s Life

Is love meant to be a deliberate tune or are we all playing discordant sounds with the hope that a melody will be made by chance?

You meet someone but they don’t meet you halfway. You fall too far before you realise that they’ve been standing still all along, contemplating what is now your apparent foolishness: fools rush in, they say.

*cue derisive laughter*

“Never will I ever!”

But you have and you will again, several times, blundering from person on a dating app to person at a wedding reception to uninterested person at a bus stop with the overeager optimism that at least one of these people will have:

1. Arms.

2. Open arms.

3. Open arms wide enough to hold you and your flaws for a lifetime without judgmental interrogation or harsh criticism.

4. The willingness to actually hold you.

5. Eyes for you and only you.

“Haha! I’m probably just dreaming.”

And what’s wrong with dreams?

“No, I’m definitely crazy.”

Are you, really?

Let’s not confuse optimism with clinical insanity. That’s just offensive.

“No one can love me that way.”

Says who? Have you asked everyone in the world?

What if you’re not faulty or any more damaged than the next human?

What if you’ve just been contorting to fit into spaces that will never be yours because they’re all the wrong sizes (and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that because love cannot be engineered)?

If you look hard enough, there’s proof that for at least one person, you can fit into the heart-life space they’ve always had for someone like you the way an oiled bolt slides into its nut.

And everyone who came into their life and left before you will become memories they never reconsider.

You’ll know when you find your space in someone else’s life. You can’t mistake the melody you’ll make together for anything else.

Let’s all keep playing our discordant sounds.