Style Your Adulthood

You’re a grown-up now, welcome to the pressure.

Can you feel it? Are you choking yet?

“Live your life” is a mockery when the only life you can live is the one defined for you, a box in which you scurry back and forth to earn rewards.

“Scurry faster!”

“Jump higher!”

“Be better!”

The weight of expectations is a terrible thing that keeps one up at night like an alarm clock that cannot be silenced or the reminder of a thing you must do but cannot bring yourself to begin.

Do you need more air?

To breathe, we must set aside as many external expectations as we can along with the unrealistic ones we set like traps for ourselves.

We must ask ourselves how we would rather live our grown-up lives.

See, pressure never goes away, but we can choose the kind we will live with.

Someone else’s dream of who you should be must not become your nightmare.