Notes For A New Day

1. If you treat friends like strangers, don’t be surprised when they act like strangers.

2. Guard your peace. It’s worth fighting for.

3. It’s not fair to ask people to be better for you when you’re the worst.

4. Your instincts aren’t perfect. You know, eh? Good.

5. Have you been anyone’s ‘miracle’ lately? Try it, you might like it.

6. You don’t have to agree with anything to respect it.

7. Religion may not appeal to you but a mockery of someone else’s faith gives no benefit.

8. 2019 – The Year of Consistency

9. Be useful to yourself and to the world.

10. ‘The world’ begins with one person.

11. Start however you can, wherever you can, with whatever you have.

12. Discretion is a virtue, privacy is an advantage.

13. Empathy over winning.

14. You can’t have it all. You don’t need to. People have brought dreams to life with a fraction of your present reality.

15. Downsize your ego or choke on it, your choice.

16. Self-made obstacles are underrated. Just ask the guy who gambled his inheritance away.

17. Reach out and collaborate. Even a like-minded stranger can make your journey easier.

18. Grudges are heavy things that keep your hands busy while blessings fly by.

19. Humility is not a known cause of death. Pride is though.

20. The head should lead the mouth, always.