Practise Letting Go By Giving Things Away

The things we keep may be a reflection of who we are and what we carry on the inside.

If this theory is true, and there’s some merit to it, we may be able to teach ourselves how to release people, anger, disappointment and hurt by giving away things in five steps.

1. Take stock of the things you own. This is a simple inventory of stuff, but with a twist: for every item inventoried, create a label that states how you came to own the item, how it is useful and what would happen if you no longer have it.

2. Based on its label, assign each item a rating of 1 (not useful), 2 (occasionally useful) or 3 (can’t live without it). Be brutally sincere with yourself.

Items rated 1 are probably in your life because of oversight or sentimental attachment. Case in point: Birthday cards from exes or shoes you haven’t worn in years.

3. For every item rated 1, make a note of a person, a cause or an organisation that could find it useful. Add a phone number, an email address or a physical address. You’re giving those items out or they’re going in the trash, you decide.

4. Get in touch with the people, causes or organisations and agree on a date to give out the items. Aha, you’ve committed to it. Don’t look back.

5. Make peace with yourself and let those things go. Rinse and repeat as often as you need to, it is good for your soul.