Be Grateful, Deliberately

Making gratitude a lifestyle goes beyond the sporadic “thank you” and that equally infrequent overwhelming sense of privilege we feel, to a more deliberate attempt to cultivate a grateful heart.

They say practice makes perfect, or at least gets us close enough to transforming a habit into a character. One way to practice gratitude is by going the extra mile of writing gratitude letters to people who have made a positive difference in our lives.

An email works too, but this kind of “thank you” demands that we write on paper and deliver the letter in person. Very particular, I know, but if that’s what it takes, why not?

We can also fuel the gratitude revolution through gratitude journaling (before you go to sleep every night, write down three things that went well that day and why they went well) and by learning a gratitude prayer (religious or not).

Let’s get deliberate.

Excerpted from Issue 6 of relea:se, my bimontly newsletter. Join the mailing list.