The Thing About Caring

These days, it’s fashionable to say you give a damn about something or the other. The same way we’re supposed to nurture our personal brands with Twitter threads and appropriately hashtagged Instagram updates, we’re supposed to have a cause and take a vocal stand for it.

But the thing about caring is, you have to actually care. You know, show you do by doing something beyond shooting blanks, posturing or bellowing your moral outrage into the vast expanse of the internet. It has to be tangible.

It’s the same with caring about people.

“I love you” or “You’re my friend” is only in your head if your actions don’t match your ambition. You can dream it, believe it, but if you’re not living it, your intentions will remain just that, intentions.

So the next time you feel like talking about how highly you rate your people and all the love you have for them, try showing it instead. I promise that’s much more useful to them than just talk. Because everyone’s talking about caring, but we’re not doing enough of it.