The Love You Give

Our lives are a matter of effort and the reward for effort.

It’s the same with love.

When we complain that we never get what we give, we’re probably thinking about the quantity of love, not the quality.

But if the love you give is inferior, it cannot possibly feel good when it comes back to you.

In a sincere conversation with myself, I realised that I’m the reason people drift from me.

You see, all along, I’ve been the one moving away.

Some people tried to chase and gave up, some just stood still. Either way, I put the distance between myself and them.

In comparison, most of the friendships I nurture have only grown stronger. Staying close has kept us close.

For all the love I’ve poured into those people, they’ve poured back as much love (if not more) into me.

Of course, there’ll be people who won’t love me back in the same measure I love them.

That’s about them though, not me.

The act of love is as fulfilling for me as it is pleasurable for the object of my affection. So I’ll love as much as I can, as long as I can.

Because it’s the love we give, not what we think we deserve, that matters.