Self-Care Is A Trip To The Dentist

I showed up because I had a toothache, and there’s everything wrong with that.

“What have you been doing to your teeth?” Um… well.

If I had cared more about my mouth (which is really just caring about myself) earlier, I’d have gotten a dental check-up twice a year.

A check-up would have shown that I had an impacted molar (basically a tooth growing in a wrong direction) and I may not have needed to have two teeth removed.

Yes, two. In one sitting. With some bone drilling involved.

“It won’t hurt.” Sure. Right. I believe you.

All of this is a reality check that I haven’t really been looking after myself. And it’s crazy, you’re crazy if you don’t care about your health. I feel crazy.

So, lessons learned:

1. I must do more for myself to keep having a self that’s well enough to be useful to me and everyone else. As in, look after yourself.

2. One bad tooth can ruin the mouth. Or something like that.

3. Perfect health is the exception, not the norm. Be grateful.

4. Dentists are (doctors too) underrated. Respect them, visit them at least twice a year.

5. You need HMO insurance. Don’t argue, don’t wait for your employer, don’t be stingy to yourself.

Fine print:

The check-up included registration and consultation (10,000 naira), an x-ray (15,000 naira) and drugs (about 6,000 naira).

The extractions cost about 190,000 naira.

Do the math. That’s a West African holiday wasted because I wasn’t paying attention. Never again.

X-ray is mine. Use without caution.