Pace Yourself

Whether you’re expending energy on your work or fighting for a cause you believe in, it’s important that you take time to catch your breath and recover your strength.

We often don’t care enough to acknowledge the fact that the lives we live take a lot out of us.

Existence is hardly a passive thing and, when we add our commitments and responsibilities, living does get pretty tasking.

While it’s honourable to always give our best, the effort we put into being (or becoming) who we say we are isn’t infinite.

The limitations of human capacity are real and the show will go on only as long as the performer can perform.

Accepting that recovery plays a major role in deciding the outcome of the varying missions and tasks we take on is a step in the direction of success.

We can’t stay switched on for too long without doing significant damage to our health.

Life cannot be a neverending string of stretch goals. You’ll only break yourself.

The news cycle isn’t harmless. It channels an overload of information, both relevant and toxic, that strains the mind.

We can’t afford to give in to FOMO (the fear of missing out on what’s happening in the world around us).

We must turn our devices and ourselves off at regular intervals.

Disconnect from everything other than yourself and breath till you can feel the anxiety fading away.

Sleep (it’s your superpower), watch cartoons and eat proper meals slowly (at a table).

Silence the notifications.

Read something other than angst-fueled Twitter rants and breaking news.

With causes we’re passionate about, let’s collaborate with others who share that passion and take turns to spread the message. We can’t do it alone anyway.

Don’t feel guilty about looking out for yourself; it’s a requirement for continued survival and usefulness.

The missions don’t end and there’ll always be tasks, but dead people can’t perform.

Pace yourself.