How To Talk To People During A Pandemic

1. Don’t make insensitive jokes. If you weren’t funny before the outbreak, you’re probably not funny now. No need.

2. Video calls are better: seeing can be understanding.

3. Be more patient. Crazy times make for crazy people, keep taking the high road.

4. Don’t demand immediate replies. Even in isolation, people still have shit to do.

5. Spread your need for human contact. Even your significant other doesn’t deserve to be choked just because you’re socially distant.

6. Don’t scream on the phone. Everyone’s a bit more sensitive now. The neighbours could freak out.

7. Talking to yourself is fine until it isn’t. Call someone.

8. If you need to rant, text it or send a voice note. Don’t punish anyone by making them stay on the phone listening to a long speech about your unexciting life.

9. Don’t snap at service people. Your food order is a bit late, so what? You should be grateful you can still get deliveries.

10. If you need to end a relationship now, be really careful. Unless it’s actually toxic or you’re in danger, maybe wait till all of this is over. People do stupid things when they’re upset. Enough said.