This Week In False Moves: Beyoncé’s ‘Mirrors’ Pepsi Ad Wasn’t Worth The Hype


After promoting her ad for Pepsi with this short video and the hashtag #BeyHereNow yesterday, one would have thought that Beyoncé was going to show the world something quite amazing today. Well, today has come and apparently, all that buzz was for nothing.

Part of the beverage giant’s ‘Live For Now’ global campaign, the one-minute clip fittingly dubbed ‘Mirrors’ features, wait for it, several older versions of Beyoncé engaged in some sort of dance-off contest with present-day (Queen) Bey via a bunch of mirrors. The whole shebang is set to a snippet of  ‘Grown Woman’, a forgettable unreleased single from her upcoming album. Video’s below, if you like that sort of bogus crap.




Forgettable single? Bogus crap? Lmao. A lot of people disagree though, and that's because its Bey, they won't stop to think *rme*