There’s An App For Envy, It’s Called Instagram


If Twitter is the street, Facebook the suburban-sprawl mall, and Pinterest some kind of mail-order catalog, Instagram is the many-windowed splendor of a younger Bergdorf’s, showing all we possess or wish for, under squares of filtered glass, each photographic pane backlit 24/7. Each pane is, or intimates, an entire landscape or room. Follow enough of the international lifestyle-setters, and you’ll see: women’s fashion, men’s fashion, home or apartment décor, beautiful food, art, color-coordinated books and magazines. Of course, the tags for these old categories are updated: #birthdaylove for a many-braceleted hand holding a pink Nat Sherman; #nodiets for an aerial view of Ibérico ham on a plate.

Sign of the Times | Look Out, It’s Instagram EnvyInstagram has created a new kind of voyeurism – in which you can look into the carefully curated windows of the rich, famous and stylish – and a new kind of lifestyle envy.

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The Culture of Work: 20 Rules For Successful LinkedIn Networking


Do treat your profile as your professional brochure. Use an appropriate-looking profile image and put in complete and up-to-date information. This will be your first impression for many.

Don’t blanket connect. Before you ask for a connection, learn about the candidate. Be ready to explain why they should connect with you.

Do choose your groups carefully. Pick the ones most relevant to your interests. Feel free to jettison any that don’t yield fruit.

Don’t tout connections that you don’t really know. Just because you are connected with someone doesn’t mean that person is willing to vouch for your credibility. The truth will always surface.

Do be active in your groups. Post thoughtful responses to the most interesting discussions.

Don’t be self-indulgent. If you start a discussion or post a link, give value. Obvious self-promotion impresses no one.

Do get intentional testimonials and endorsements that speak to your actual skills.

Don’t let your profile sit inactive. Even if you only post an update once a week, keep it alive.

Do link meaningful videos that help people understand the value you have to offer.

Don’t use old or broken links, or, even worse, links to personal sites that detract from your image.

20 Critical Dos and Don’ts of LinkedIn NetworkingMore and more LinkedIn looks like the winning social media tool for business networking. Whether you are trying to grow your reach, find content, explore opportunities or recruit talent, this virtual meeting place is for many the first and last stop.

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Things You Can’t Stand About Your Friends On Social Media (But You’ve Been Afraid To Tell Them)


From Instagram feeds ‘corrupted’ by multiple selfies to whine-fests on Facebook, our friends can be real pains-in-the-butt on social media networks. It’s annoying, really. I mean, why are you giving me a play-by-play account of a live football game?! There’s a reason I’m not watching it, mister.

YouTube user Blimey Cow, who clearly feels my pain, made a spot-on video about all that nonsense. Maybe now we’ll have some peace.

Visualised: Facebook Is Ruining Your Life, One Update At A Time


Breakups, friction and fights, all in full glare of the public. You’ve been documenting your entire life on Facebook, unknowingly stockpiling emotional baggage that could destroy you in the near future. Scared yet? It’s time you learnt a thing or two about the horrors you let into your life when you became an active Facebook user. Sit up.


How Does Facebook Affect Your Relationships?