Poetry: Thought Prints


First, there was me,
All by myself, as solitary and lonely as alone could be.
Longing for company like an only child,
Or like a lion in captivity yearns for the wild.

My thoughts were mine, mine alone,
With no one to tell or share them with.
My playmates were sticks, sometimes even stones,
I longed to emerge like a sword from its sheath.

The presence of my shadow was comforting in its nearness,
Our one-way conversations meant much, in all fairness.
When darkness fell, the whispering wind talked back,
And the value of friendship was conspicuous in its lack.

But then you came along, and everything changed.
All that was familiar assumed the colour of strange.
Life’s mundane theme evolved from prosaic simplicity,
Propelled slowly towards intricate complexity.

Like a spider spinning with painstaking skill,
You reconstructed my world against my will.
Your words and actions are likened to silk,
My thoughts crave you like an infant craves milk.

P.S. The clock says today, but tomorrow is not the same, while this moment was yesterday, the future had changed its name.