Saving Tomorrow


Crawling away from yesterday, bleeding wounds afire,

A soul without a covering, an unsheltered heart.

Faint light of tomorrow sighted, blue as a sapphire,

A stitching of the pieces of a hope once torn apart.


Today has been violent, a punishment, a suffering,

Iron fists of the oppressor, pounding spirits into dust.

Hate like a downpour, flooding with a thundering,

But love isn’t dead, just missing, supposedly lost.


The thorns, in judgement, prick when we cross the line,

Our sins all around us, our errors laid out plain.

Patches of grace like sunshine, trickles of mercy divine,

Drops of Heaven’s kindness, alleviate the endless pain.


The veil that kept us away, ripped without a thought,

All eyes behold the Son, the hands that seek can hold.

Now prodigals say “Father,” salvation has been bought,

The price, a life unspotted, just as it was foretold.



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