Poetry: What I’ve Done


I’m no stranger to failure, and I know success well,
Of my victories and losses I am not afraid to tell.
For I am totally human, and Krypton is not my home,
I have learnt that life is not made of joy alone.

I know of broken hearts and unrequited love,
Of hatred, grief and the peace God sends from above.
I have smelt a booming rose and sniffed a homeless man,
They both have a place in His great big plan.

I have visited my past, through the eyes of the needy,
I relived yesterday and for myself was moved to pity.
I remember the piercing cold, the emptiness in my soul,
The longing for a miracle to make my spirit whole.

I’ve heard rumours of war and walked across a field of mines,
I’ve mediated a truce between me and what was mine.
I’ve given up on memories, my history is in the making,
And I’ll rewrite my future with these baby steps I’m taking.