Poetry: Orphans Of Summer


The sadist and his darkness, hand in damned glove,
One felt before the other is heard, heraldry.
Broken souls in transit, no waiting in the alcove,
Transform as soon as you can, do it, wizardry.

The ground is wet again, tears from emotive skies,
No apologies, no hugs, just muscles and bravery.
Like it is weakness to show pain, they tell lies,
From one bondage into another: slavery.

Peace in conflict with itself, warring hearts,
Alone is not best but it’s been chosen, safety.
You’ll trip over yourself, your clumsy parts,
You’re too quick to live, should life be hasty?

Left behind by the shadow, frozen soul,
Too frigid to feel the chill in the ice, gone.
Transiting, not scattered pieces, not whole,
Stuck in oblivion, slowly coming undone.