Poetry: For The First Time


I saw you for the first time today, like a sign observed for years but only just understood,
Like floodlights in a small room, there was something too much about your presence,
Pathways illuminated for days by your piercing gaze, and right from where you stood,
You watched the spaces you have occupied bleed invisible tears in your depressing absence.

Your halo was the sun above your head, a ring of fire burning itself onto retinas without mercy,
A heart larger than yours I have never known, an endless ocean and its waves of emotion,
Divided: in one small measure a curse, and in another of immense proportions, a blessing,
Storms abate, fair weather follows, then again and again, the cycle makes its motion.

Firmly in your grip without a muscle flexed, transfixed by untiring eyes, lashes not batted,
The shadows behind, the clouds remote, skies as blue as no place I’ve ever been.
I’m backed up against a wall of cold stone, prey cornered long before the chase has started,
This play you’ve staged is a drama and I swear, you do know how to make a scene.

I saw you for the first time today, tomorrow and the day after it will never be the same,
Etched upon my skin, seared into my soul, forgetting is now an impossible thing.
I saw myself for the last time today, maybe, just maybe, I will remember my name,
Eyes locked on you and I cannot look away, what has been seen cannot be unseen.