Half Human, Half Amazon: Oroma Elewa


Nigerian photographer and style icon Oroma Elewa for Refinery 29. Photo by Kava Gorna, via refinery29.

“You know, I’ve never been a person who borrows heavily from icons. I’ve always admired people for the way they think or how they lived their lives — the attitude they put out into the world. Like, early on, my looks came from a lot of imagination, reading my favorite authors like Chinua Achebe and being exposed to things like comic books and Frida Kahlo in our semi-metropolitan area of Nigeria. Oh, and especially my grandmother. She loved velvet and Nigerian fabrics. She valued cloth, not particularly clothing that’s already sewn — cloth. She just dressed herself and carried herself with…regality.”

Check out Oroma’s feature on fashion and style website Refinery 29  below.

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