Costumes, Theatrics & Nothing: Tiwa Savage Debuts A Soulless Music Video


It’s bad enough that the world had to wait about 450 days (the song was released in the first week of December 2011) for ‘Don’t Leave Without My Heart’, Tiwa Savage’s smash hit collaboration with producer and occasional artiste Don Jazzy, to get the video treatment. What’s worse is having said music video ‘show up’ online looking like a cross between a circus and Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Black Swan’, or a Kanye West visual experiment gone horribly wrong, all in the name of art/trying to be different.

Let me explain. With its dance-heavy instrumentals and lyrics, ‘Don’t Leave Without My Heart’ is a first class club rocker. I mean, even if you can’t move your body rhythmically to save your life, you’d gladly embarrass yourself for this song. For that reason alone, having to watch Tiwa Savage clown around in a top hat and white gloves for the better part of four minutes is mind-numbing and depressing. How silly is it that no real dancing was done in the music video accompanying a song about dancing (and sex, of course)?

One might (rightly) wonder what director Mark Hofmeyr was thinking when he was putting together this flashy tribute to shallowness. Perhaps he had visions of Darey’s ‘Ba Ni Kidi’ music video, an excellent circus-themed short which he so brilliantly engineered in 2011. Far from that, this is.

‘Bonus’ feature: Don Jazzy appears as his usual camera-uncomfortable self, tapping his shiny, patent leather wingtips in time to the beat and undoubtedly chanting to himself in his quavery voice, “This will soon be over. This will soon be over. This will soon be over!”

The music video is below, if you can stomach it. Please be warned, you may have to donate something to charity in order to atone for the sin of time wastage you are about to commit. May God have mercy on your soul.