Fine Print: Taiye Selasi’s ‘Ghana Must Go’ Makes It Onto The WSJ’s ‘Best Fiction of 2013’ List


Taiye Selasi, a British author of Ghanaian and Nigerian origins, caps a wonderful year with The Wall Street Journal’s naming of her acclaimed novel, Ghana Must Go, on its Best Fiction of 2013 list.

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See more high praise for Selasi and her charming book below.

“It stands up to the hype. Taiye Selasi writes with glittering poetic command, a sense of daring, and a deep emotional investment in the lives and transformations of her characters.”The Guardian

“Selasi writes about class intelligently, and with a great deal of self-awareness.”The Boston Globe

“…Selasi has the talent to go a long way, illuminating the Afro-American experience with feeling and insight.”The Telegraph

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In Numbers: The Global Insanity Called ‘FIFA 14’


According to EA Sports — which publishes the wildly popular FIFA 14 game — people play 460,000 FIFA matches and score 990,000 goals every 90 minutes (the length of an actual soccer match).

The most popular match-ups are Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich (the all-time record is an even split) and Spain’s El Clásico rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona (Madrid has the edge here). Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema, meanwhile, are FIFA 14’s top goal scorers.

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Video: 60 Hours After He Went Down With A Chevron Tugboat, Harrison Okene Was Found Alive


Ship cook Harrison Okene survived in an air pocket in the capsized Chevron tugboat, in pitch black and without any food, while surviving on sips of Coca-Cola.

He was the only survivor of 12 crew members on the ship, which capsized about 20 miles off the Nigerian coast in heavy swells in May.

A South African scuba diving team thought they were conducting a dead body recovery effort before Mr Oken saw a torch light and swam towards them.

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