A Passion For Flashiness: Eku Edewor On Nigerian Style Culture


Nigerian actress, model and TV personality Eku Edewor for Studio 53 Extra. Via ekuedewor.

“I must say that we Nigerian women love to express ourselves, we love bold colors and bright patterns, we are magpies. We love sparkly garments, sparkly accessories and form-fitting shapes. So, I can see how it is hard to introduce anything other than that into our culture, we are incredibly flashy and showy, that is just who we are. But, I will say as fashion grows here as an industry I am observing that our approach to dressing is evolving. Nigerians have swag and even if we aren’t the fashion capital of the world, we most certainly believe we are! And that’s what I love about the fashion culture here, we are proud people, we can dress or overdress past you, it may not always be right but we are all dressing up.

Unfortunately, it sometimes also results in, what I believe is a lack of imagination to how people dress as a whole. I feel that global trends are picked up very quick and then ultimately overdone. I think there is a sense of ‘mine is better than yours’, which points more to owning items and wearing trends rather than making any personal long standing style decisions with what one has. I’m not saying that to be stylish one must always make outlandish style choices or dress like Coco Chanel, but style evolves, it is something you develop for yourself and if you are preoccupied with owning next seasons bag you will not understand how to wear half of what you invest in or to be inspired by. Few people dress with an individuality that is organic or speaks of any personal choice.”

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